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The Reserves. Precious essences.

Limited production of wines that display the uniqueness of Lugana and Valpolicella.

The passion with which we cultivate our vines and work in our cellars is rewarded with excellent harvests. Only experience and an intimate relationship with the land and the vineyard guide us in selecting the fruit for the precious Reserves. Wines are created that, every time, awake new, original and exclusive emotions.

We have great expectations for the Riserve Sergio Zenato: exceeding the quality of every other Zenato wine. Faithful to the original example of Sergio Zenato, the Reserves are inspired by a deep knowledge of the native wines and the aspiration to attain absolute, perfect, unrepeatable excellence. Their purest expressions are the Amarone Riserva Sergio Zenato and the Lugana Sergio Zenato.




Lugana Riserva Sergio Zenato DOC Lugana Riserva Sergio Zenato DOC

The work of Sergio Zenato enclosed in a bottle. The essence of a dream, of an inspiration and
the great love for his own land.

Amarone Riserva Sergio Zenato DOCG Amarone Riserva Sergio Zenato DOCG

A wine with a harmonious charm, very balanced, always at its best even after long aging .