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Fruits of passion

Lugana, Amarone, Cresasso, Ripassa, Valpolicella…

Every Zenato wine is the fruit of the untiring commitment to excellence as well as boundless passion for the territory and the surprising potential of its native vines.

We harvest each bunch of grapes with great care, by hand, to keep its precious nectar intact. Production is kept below the maximum limit allowed by the regulations in order to guarantee the quality of the grapes through the care lavished on the vineyard. Every harvest takes place in respect of the natural time and traditional knowledge, yet still taking advantage of innovative methods.

Inside the cellars, every Zenato wine follows its proper course: the must is preserved in order to promote optimal fermentation and then refined, aged and bottled. Special care is given to the choice of the bottles, in which the wine is best preserved in order to present its essence intact at the moment of tasting.

Year after year, the fruits of the passion of Zenato are different in order to always remain themselves.