PSR 2014-2020

loghi istituzionali PSR2014 2020


MATTER: 4 -Investments in property and plant equipment.


PROPERTY INTERVENTION: 4.2.1 -Investments for the processing and marketing of agricultural products.


DESCRIPTION: purchase and renovation of a warehouse in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, Loc. Montidon (VR), to be used as storage room for tanks with the following capacities (938 hl, 627 hl, 318 hl, 174 hl ). The main intervention is accompanied by the purchase of stainless steel tanks with spiral staircase and annexed walkway (all installed inside the new purchased warehouse). In addition, installation of an air conditioning system for the wine cellar plant on Via S. Cristina, Peschiera del Garda (VR). 


PURPOSE: modernize and enhance facilities and equipment for storing wine. Increase and improvement of fine wines’ proportion working on refinement levels.


ACHIEVEMENTS: with the investments it was possible to increase the production thanks to storage and aging development. All in support of the corporate policy geared towards enhancement and requalification of its products to meet the market demands (especially foreign countries) for wine with a higher added value.


FINANCED AMOUNT: € 550.633,84


Initiative financed by Veneto’s rural development programme 2014-2020
Managing authority: Regione del Vento – Direzione AdG FEASR Parchi e Foreste