The soul of Lugana
and the Heart of Valpolicella.

95 hectares of top vineyards in Lugana
and Valpolicella’s “classic zone”.

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A family story.

The story of Zenato is the story of a family
that firmly planted its roots in the land.

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A passion born
from the land.

In the flash of an eye and the wonder of Lake Garda
is all there: in the beauty of the landscape.

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Keepers of knowledge
and nature.

Our wineries.

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Zenato Academy.

Love for the land and for art.
Through this marriage, Zenato Academy was born.


Nadia Zenato Jewelry.

A dream come true.

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La Zarabba
Relais de charme.

Nestling in the panorama of Lake Garda, La Zarabba, with its nine elegant and cosy rooms, offers charming accommodation.

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